ACA Group Health
Insurance for Oklahoma

Call Magoon & Associates to discuss your Group Healthcare needs and budget.

Let the experts at Magoon & Associates do the work identifying your Healthcare plan options.

Select a plan and let Magoon & Associates administer your plan and provide customer support to your employees taking the burden off your staff.

We focus on ACA so you don't have to.


Services for Small Businesses

For small businesses we offer a wide-range of services related to your ACA Group Plan.

Did you realize the Department of Labor and the IRS may be requiring forms from you and forms, by law, distributed to your employees? We can direct you on how to be compliant with all the forms required by law.

We will function as an extension of your internal HR department. We will design a customized plan to fit your company's needs and budget.

We will facilitate your Open Enrollment meetings, handle your additions and deletions to the plan, provide customer service to your employees and shop your plan prices every year to make sure you are getting the best plan for your money.

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